1. 163 Retail Park “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” is open to all except employees of 163 Retail Park Management staff, tenants and retailer’s staff. Retailer’s staff are strictly not allowed to redeem the “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” on behalf of customer.
  2. 163 Retail Park “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” begins from 23 Nov 2023 till 26 Dec 2023.
  3. “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” is valid only for original receipt(s) made in 163 Retail Park on the same date as stated on the receipt.
  4. Shopper(s) are advised to inspect their wrapped gift upon immediate Redemption as once redeemed. No exchanged, returned, or rewrapped will be entertained.
  5. Shopper(s) is entitled to redeem a maximum of two (2) “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” with any amount purchases made on the same day. Shopper(s) will only be awarded with their qualified “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service”. Redemption of the “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” must be redeemed on the same day as per stated on the receipt(s).
  6. “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service” will be conducted, wrapped and managed by Customer Service Representative on duty. Wrapping style and design will be fully decided and in-charge by Customer Service Representative on duty. No special request of wrapping style will be entertained. Wrapping Paper are not allowed to be distributed to shopper(s) for own wrapping service.
  7. Any bills of payments(s) (including telecommunication, utility, postal services), reload/top up (including Touch & Go, Prepaid), transactions from banks, money changers and purchase of gift vouchers/cards or any form of cash/shopping voucher(s) are not eligible for Gift Wrapping Service.
  8. The Management reserves the right to disqualified any proof of purchase/receipt(s) that are backdated, photocopied, defaced, mutilated, forged, reproduced or altered. As well cash memos are not allowed.
  9. The Management reserves the right to demand for proof of purchase for verification purposes.
  10. The Management shall not be liable for any loss, liabilities, expenses or damages how so ever incurred or sustained by the Shopper(s) and/or any other person by reason of, arising form or in connection with the “Complimentary Gift Wrapping Service”.
  11. In the event of any dispute, the decision of 163 Retail Park Management shall be deemed final and conclusive. No further correspondence, queries or appeals shall be entertained.
  12. 163 Retail Park Management reserves the right to omit, add or amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice. Any new or amended Terms and Conditions shall supersede the existing Terms and Conditions.


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